I’m a Brooklyn based percussionist and composer working in cross-disciplinary contexts, playing in bands, performing with new music ensembles, and producing performances that integrate music and movement. I co-lead, perform and record with projects including Tigue, Bearthoven, Man Forever, Ensemble Signal, Contemporaneous and Private Elevators. My compositions are environmental, using abstract sonic structures to emphasize the paradoxical nature of simple seeming yet complex and impossibly understood forms. 

My work expresses the feeling of ‘transcendent absurdity’ I associate with striving to understand supermassive phenomenon; classic concepts like love and death as-well-as global networks like the internet and climate change. All of these can be ‘understood’ simply but each holds a mystical complexity within their form. I reflect the experience of perceiving these phenomenon through durational performances where musicians perform repetitive musical actions that envelop the listener, revealing a singular gesture like ascension or transformation. Charged by my deeply collaborative practice, I lead the material rather than demand it, encouraging a collective individuality that defines community. 

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