Matt Evans is a Brooklyn based percussionist and composer frequently working in cross-disciplinary contexts, playing in bands, performing with new music ensembles, and producing performances that integrate music and movement. He co-leads, performs and records with projects including Tigue, Open House, Bearthoven, Rokenri, Man Forever, Ensemble Signal, Contemporaneous and Private Elevators.

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I use music and sound as a vehicle for larger conceptual ideas — integrating composition and performance with a sculptor’s eye and an intuitive sense for intersectional art making to establish a role best described as an interdisciplinary sound artist. When I assume the more traditional role of composer, my pieces blend artistic influences from visual art and movement into music that is abstract and theoretical while immediate and physical. 

My projects are situational, amplifying the strengths of specific musical contexts, sensitively mining performance conditions and accentuating their advantages. For instance, my concert music pieces are made up of fragile abstract sonic architectures of musical stillness and extreme duration, blending drone, process-based minimalism, and installation. In other settings, I use driving percussive elements, traditional-esque euclidean rhythms, synthesizers, and guitars to activate loudness and physicality.