Man Forever — Play What They Want (2017) 
featuring Tigue, Laurie Anderson, members of Yo La Tengo, and Mary Lattimore
available at Thrill Jockey

Bearthoven — Trios (2017) 
with Karl Larson, Piano and Pat Swoboda, Bass
works by Brooks Frederickson, Anthony Vine, Ken Thomson, Fjóla Evans, Brendon Randall-Myers, Adrian Knight
available at Cantaloupe Music

Aaron Siegel — Book of Notions (2016) 
with Karl Larson, Piano
available at LockStep Records

Kid Millions — 100 Disciplines (2016)
available at Thrill Jockey  

Finnegan Shanahan — The Two Halves (2016) 
with Contemporaneous
available at New Amsterdam Records

Rokenri — Donkey Donkey (2016)
with Ethan Woods and Trevor Wilson
available at our bandcamp

Tigue — Peaks (2015) 
with Amy Garapic and Carson Moody (Produced by Kid Millions)
available at New Amsterdam Records

Private Elevators — First Feelings (2014)
with Adrian Knight
available at Perfect Wave

John Luther Adams — Inuksuit (2013) 
available at Cantaloupe Music

Vapour Trail — Vernal (2013)
available on bandcamp