w/ Adrian Knight


"First Feelings"
Released on Perfect Wave, December 2014

Adrian Knight was one of 2014’s most intriguing artists. Pictures of Lindsey was a perfectly self-effacing appropriation of innocuous sitcom interlude/opening credits that was adventurous in its exploration of the facile, churning out funny, touching and ultimately affirming situational pieces in the process. Turns out, Adrian Knight and musical partner Matthew Evans, turn down for beautiful ambient music composed of decaying tones and elegant ascending and descending three-note lines. A lot of ambient music seems to operate on the process of finding the golden middle of tones and stretching them into infinite streams of light with no sense of creation or extinction. “First Feelings” has much of those effused drones sustaining the hour + tape, however, the most emotionally resonant aspects are the peaks and valleys where fingers press down heavily on synthesizers to create simple running lines that cut through the ambrosia-thick drones and then peter out and die with the elegance and somberness of a William Basinski-style tape death.
— tome to the weather machine